Skunked AGAIN

Skunked AGAIN


Another 5:00 am morning. Deputy Dog Tayla makes her usual little whine and nudges her wet nose on my arm to wake me. It seems to be earlier every morning. Why can’t she sleep in like my wife. My wife is in a deep sleep, today she gets day and evening duty. It was definitely her lucky day, ESPECIALLY today.

I leashed up Tayla and headed out for our park walk. Our 14-year pooch Tayla and I headed into our usual path through Fort Mason – today we had a little surprise. Usually we see raccoons, today we came across a baby skunk, I guess about 5 lbs, and a cutie. Tayla saw, and was gone. Big brave Tayla took off after it. The little skunk didn’t move at first, but when Tayla got about 2 to 3 yards away the little skunk flung its mighty tail up like a catapult and a mass of yellow and green goo was launched and landed right onto Tayla’s head, shoulders, and back. Who would of thought that baby skunk could launch such a missile of mess. Our old girl stopped dead in her tracks and dropped to the ground and rolled frantically to try to get the putrid goo off. When I went up to assist her, the little Sh*t skunk charged me. What a mean streak it had for such a little critter. It was crazy! I got out of the firing line fast. We both did. Fortunately Tayla was the only one that got sprayed. That said, we scurried away and back home to get a quick bath. What we thought might be an easy spray job took over an hour, and that bath barely made a dent in the stench. We tried again and used a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, dawn dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide. This crazy concoction seemed to work. Forget the tomato juice. All that does is turn your dog pink. After all the bathing and mess was cleaned up, Tayla was exhausted and headed to her big fluffy bed for a VERY long nap. This morning while walking Tayla off leash again in Fort Mason park, Tayla saw what I believe was the same little skunk and guess what?

Skunk 2 Tayla 0

Will she EVER learn?  So, back in the tub. Tayla is apparently not as bright as I once thought, OR just LOVES the attention.


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