Got Treats?


Deputy Dog Tayla loves the pet-friendly hotels – especially those located close to our home in San Francisco! Every morning, she lets out that little whimper telling me it’s time for our walk. Off we go … she high-tails it … literally dragging me for half a mile until we reach the Argonaut Hotel, (Kimpton Hotel) When the doorman sees her coming, today it is John, he has her special treats ready for her as she approaches. She such a polite beggar, that often she gets two to three healthy treats from the wonderful doormen! Special Agent often pads their pockets to ensure the doormen are buying healthy treats.

After treats, we usually stay for about a half-hour and greet the guests, some with pets and some not. She especially gets lots of lovin from the international guests, most pet-less and missing their own pups back home. Once Tayla is content, with her treats and lovin, she gives me THAT look and we make our way home. What a great way to start the day!


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