3D-printed braces help Husky walk and run again

Deputy Dog discovers a wonderful heart-warming story about Derby

Derby on 3D printed wheels

Derby, was a puppy born with a deformity that left him with extremely small front legs and no front paws. Fate intervened when Tara Anderson, an employee of 3D Systems became came into Derby’s life.

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Anderson fostered Derby, and had purchased Derby a dog wheelchair but ultimately decided he would need something more elaborate to allow him more freedom in movement. This is when Anderson asked her co-workers if they could design braces for Derby.

They settled on a loop system. The braces are made of plastic, with rubber cups to cushion Derby s legs. The initial tryout worked astonishingly, Derby took off running.

“Derby seems to adapt very quickly to new things and his legs have been no different,” Stephanie said. “He runs with my parents every day and plays with all of the neighborhood dogs (something he wasn’t able to do much prior to his prosthetic legs).”

This is an amazing story! Who knew to what length a 3D-printer can help make so many varied objects which can aid people and pets alike. I recently experienced first hand how a 3D printer works during a STEM conference, where students gathered to show their projects. It’s all very exciting. Derby was a recipient and now through his foster mom was adopted to a loving and accepting family. What a wonderful story of hope, not giving-up, and putting your mind to helping a loving animal like Derby.

New video about Derby just in: Check this out ~ 3D Derby

Deputy Dog digs Derby!

Deputy Dog Digs Derby's story

Deputy Dog Digs Derby’s story


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