Deputy Dog Returns to Her Roots

sign 4Love at first site!  On May 24, 2015 Deputy Dog returned to the Lifeline Puppy Rescue in Henderson, Colorado, where she Tayla at Lifeline in carwas adopted by her forever two-legged pack mates nearly sixteen years earlier.  It was hard to tell if she recalled those carefree days as a rolly-polly pup when she and her siblings stayed at the Puppy Rescue – waiting for their forever homes.  She sure seemed interested by all the frolicking little puppies pushing their way to the front of kennel, waiting for their turn to find a loving home.

After walking around the property and sniffing nearly everywhere, Deputy Dog posed for some photos in front of the very kennels where she had been displayed to the world so many years earlier.  She wished the new puppies as much luck as she had back then, and advised that the secret to happiness and long-life was picking out just the right two-legged pack-mates; ones that could be wrapped around her paw and convinced that everything she does comes at a cost – more treats.  Deputy Dog also reminisced about just how far she had cone from her humble beginnings in Henderson, Colorado – traveling to and living in the nation’s capitol, Bern, Switzerland, Valletta, Malta, San Francisco, California, and many places in-between before her recent return to her original home in Denver.

Deputy Dog fondly recalled the nice older couple (Marlene Houk and her husband) that had taken here in at the Puppy Rescue in 1999, and was now heartened by the kindness of the Rescue’s new management (Jenna), and all the wonderful volunteers that help make the Rescue run so well.  Deputy Dog knows well that If not for the wonderful people at the Rescue, she might not have survived to lead a rich and long life, and the chances for a good life for these new puppies might be much slimmer.

Always a bit on the nostalgic side, Deputy Dog felt it was a very good visit and she revelled in the memories of her youth and her times frolicking with her many brothers and sisters at the Rescue.  However, when it was time to go, Deputy Dog was quick to jump into the back seat of her car for another adventure in another place.   It is so great to be alive – and she owed so many thanks to the Lifeline Puppy Rescue for her chance at a long and happy life.
Lifeline signlifeline sign 2Tayla at Lifeline2

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