Beach It

Tayla’s Travels to Carmel  (2015)

This week we packed the car and off go South on a road trip to Carmel. On arrival in Carmel, Deputy Dog Tayla immediately sniffed out the beach! She gets right down in the sand and drops and rolls on her back, like a little dance. It is hilarious!

It is exactly what she use to do in the wet snow of Colorado. People wonder by and stare and do a double take, most laugh. I am sure some think she (and I ) are crazy!

I love Carmel. It is an extremely pet-friendly town, and the people there seem to have a real soft spot for canine companions. The beach in Carmel is DOG FRIENDLY, and I mean REALLY dog friendly. Dogs can roam off-leash on the beaches, playing along the shores, walk and shop in town. Dogs are also welcome in nearly every store, dog water bowls everywhere you go. And, at night, choose from a list of dog-friendly Inns and B&Bs. We stayed at a seaside cottage and they totally welcomed Tayla. Deputy Dog sniffed out the cute little whimsical garden nomes scattered about. Cute rooms – we brought Tayla’s own, 5 inch thick BeautyRest. It is so lovely having this gorgeous area and community extend their loving arms to our Deputy Dog, Tayla. 


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