Get Your “Oscar” Party On

2017-oscarsGet Your Oscar Party On!

The 89th Academy Awards will air on television and computer screens around the world. But of course, you are well aware of this fact.  Hopefully you have already planned your own awards-ceremony-themed bash, complete with cocktails inspired by the nominated films, and food worthy of the Governors Ball. But if not, there’s no reason why you can’t still host a last-minute fete. It may seem too late to throw something together, these few tips can help.  A red carpet at your entry is a good start and welcome, to well-curated dining-room table.

academyYou can liven up your viewing party with snacks themed to the best picture nominees. These are all pretty easy to make.  Those with smaller gatherings can pick and choose treats based on their favorite Oscar nominated films.

“Hidden Figures” Fruit Rocket — There are lots of space themed snacks that could go with a movie about NASA mathematicians, but this one is probably the easiest and healthiest. Make a spaceship kebab using almost any fruit you want. Just be sure to use the tip of a strawberry or a triangle shape piece of melon to serve as the rocket’s top.

“Manchester by the Sea” Chowder — New England Clam Chowder is perfect for this Boston-set movie. Serve the soup in small glasses or mini bowls to keep it a snack rather than a meal.

“La La Land” Popcorn — A Hollywood-set movie that’s all about show business seems like the perfect opportunity for an old standard: popcorn. To jazz it up for your Oscars viewing party, try serving it in little move theatre buckets.  Make miniature servings of popcorn, with candied bacon, maple bourbon, jalapeño salt, and s’mores. We also love tapas-style plating for a last-minute party!  If you’re strapped for time, decorate the rim of a large bowl with stars like the Hollywood Walk of Fame or plain stars to represent the sky that the characters dance in at the end of the movie.

“Arrival” Space Cake — A space-themed cake is perfect for a movie about aliens. There are two ways to do this. You could just make your cake, frost it blue and throw some star shaped sprinkles on it. If you have time, however, you could do a mirror glaze.

“Lion” Veggie Plate — This one is a literal interpretation of the title. Set out a bowl of hummus as the lion’s face. Cut black olives to make the eyes, nose, and whiskers. Lay out cut bell peppers, carrots and/or pretzel rods to form the lion’s mane.

“Moonlight”  — At the end of the movie, Kevin gives this dish to Chiron and says it’s the chef’s special. The chicken and rice dish is pretty easy to make. To make it more suited for snacking, cut up your chicken into small pieces (or use pulled chicken) and use small bowls (ramekins would be great, but paper bowls work too). Remember to adjust the recipe if you’re hosting a smaller bash.


This years theme colors are white, red and gold…important flowers, orchids and amaryllis.  Do all white or do all red.   I also like color-sprayed succulents in gold and white. They are a great accent and will last for a week. They can be placed strategically around any tablescape with votive candles. Try to incorporate black and gold accents, as well as vintage movie posters if possible. Get an old-school Polaroid camera so you can capture your own red carpet moments—you can frame the photos and give them to your guests as a memory of the epic night. Lower the lights immediately around the television screen to minimize side glare. And be sure to rearrange your furniture for optimum views. Guests are not coming to review your interior design skills!

More Food Ideas

Preorder or make your own gourmet pizzas and cookie-cut them down into elegant hors d’oeuvre sizes.

Create a seasonal salad in a jar –  that can be made in advance and dress it right before you serve the dish.  Shake and serve!

Lobster filled pre-cut gourmet hot-dogs.

Chocolate!  I love would love to make mini-chocolate Oscars, yet in a pinch, stacked chocolate macaroons will do!

And as for the Champagne?  Make sure you have plenty of a good chilled prosecco or Champagne on hand as the awards tend to go on and on.

Rent individual standing Champagne fountain, and buckets and stock them with individual Champagne splits with gold straws for each guest so no one is blocking views while walking past on the way to refill.


Don’t forget to print out ballots for your guests to fill out before the show while playing some of this year’s nominated music.

And, attire…  get dressed for goodness sakes, this is the Oscars!

Happy Oscars!  Cheers!



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