Updates on the Fictional Novel of Young U.S. Diplomats serving in Apartheid South Africa

Updates on the Fictional Novel of Young U.S. Diplomats serving in Apartheid South Africa

Well, its’ close!  Yes!  Many of you are asking.  Yes, we are VERY close.

After over 25 years of writing, we DO see the end of the book nearing and quite hopeful to finish this year.  This story is about a newly retired diplomatic couple NOW speaking freely on actual events that occurred during the end of apartheid in tumultuous South Africa.  Writings about living in the stunning Cape Peninsula, and working towards a democratic election which eventually leads to Nelson Mandela being voted into power, will soon become public.  The foreign service couple, newlyweds on their first diplomatic assignment, shares stories of incidents of violence, espionage, murder in addition to stories of  adventure, and the joy of touring and amazing wildlife, stunning landscape and the union of blacks and whites during the period 1992-1994, as they served at the U.S. Mission in Cape Town.

The journey of writing these pages has been a whirlwind of emotion, with many tears and laughter alike.  Thank you dear friends and family for supporting us, and pushing us along to the end.  And, thank you to my dear friend and colleague Lori, for her talent and wisdom during this year-long process.  Next steps are to select avid beta readers.   Yes, we do see that little light shining at the end of the long beautiful tunnel.

If you are interested in receiving updates, and publishing announcement, please feel free to respond to:  Keep me posted

Your friends, Mary & Patrick   

Mary Pat USDS 2 (2) 



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