Photographing the ‘Landscape of Forgiveness’ in Post-Apartheid South Africa

The best-known forgiveness story in post-conflict Africa is rooted in the work of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which President Nelson Mandela established in 1995 to account for the sins of apartheid. The Western world’s embrace of the commission’s peacetime mission initially prompted Sara Terry to look at other examples of reconciliation in “Forgiveness and Conflict: Lessons From Africa.” The six-chapter photo book, created over a decade, includes lesser-known community-driven restorative justice projects in Northern Uganda and Sierra Leone, which she observed before traveling to South Africa. Dep Dog Blog SA PhotoCity Hall in East London, Eastern Cape Province.

The room where the first human rights violation hearing of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which took the testimony of victims of the apartheid regime, was held in 1996. Credit Sara Terry/VII

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6 Virunga Park Workers Killed Protecting Endangered Gorillas

“It is unacceptable that Virunga’s rangers continue to pay the highest price in defense of our common heritage.”
A park ranger carries orphaned female mountain gorillas Ndeze and Ndakasi at a protected location at Rumungabo in Virunga National Park just north of the eastern Congolese city of Goma
GorillaFive wildlife rangers and a driver were killed in a militant attack on the Congo’s Virunga National Park this week as they guarded the region’s critically endangered mountain gorillas.

The park employees, aged  22 to 30, were ambushed and killed in what wildlife officials said was the deadliest such attack in recent history. Another ranger was injured. At least 170 rangers have been killed in the past two decades.


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South Africa ~ Mourners Say Goodbye to Winnie Mandela

Military personnel and dignitaries wheel the casket of anti-apartheid activist Winnie Madikizela-Mandela to her burial site at the end of her official funeral on April 14, 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Known as the “mother to the nation”, Madikizela-Mandela, who died on April 2, was a politician, activist, and a minister of arts and science vocal against the practices of apartheid in her country for over five decades.

Politician Zindzi Mandela and diplomat Zenani Dlamini Mandela, Winnie and ex-husband Nelson Mandela’s daughters, give a spirited speech at their mother’s funeral on Apr. 14, 2018.

South Africa says goodbye to Winnie Mandela today. On recent visit back to our home in Cape Town we had many discussions about Winnie with local friends, many with positive remarks of her work in the country. Nelson’s (Madiba) widowed wife was in attendance at the funeral.

We look forward to sharing our book this summer, on South Africa during the end of Apartheid, leading up to the first democratic elections, where Mandela was elected as first black President.

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Keep shouting, don’t become anesthetized, pope tells young people

Pope Francis, starting Holy Week services leading to Easter, urged young people on Sunday to keep shouting and not allow the older generations to silence their voices or anesthetize their idealism.

Francis spoke a day after hundreds of thousands of young Americans and their supporters answered a call to action from survivors of last month’s Florida high school massacre and rallied across the United States to demand tighter gun laws.

He did not mention the demonstrations. Catholic News Service (CNS) said Gabriella Zuniga, 16, and her sister Valentina, 15, both students from Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, where 17 people were killed in February, attended the service with their parents.


Mary Byron at March

March on Denver

The 81-year-old Francis led a long and solemn Palm Sunday service before tens of thousands in the square, many of them young people there for the Catholic Church’s World Day of Youth.

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The life he lived: Photos of the last male northern white rhino

Sudan, a northern white rhino and the last male of his subspecies, died Monday at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya.

The rhino — once called by the dating app Tinder as the “most eligible bachelor in the world” — was 45 years old and in poor health.

Before he was euthanized by a veterinary team, photographer Ami Vitale was able to say farewell to her old friend.

“It was heartbreaking yesterday, but I was relieved I could say goodbye,” Vitale said. “He leaned his head right into me and then the rains came pouring down, just as they had when he arrived here nine years ago.” Continue reading

Cape Town is bracing for “Day Zero” — the day it cuts off running water for 4 million people

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The Beautiful South African megacity has been struck by a historic drought, and now it’s running out of water.CapeTown-Table-Mountain-Daytime

Water is more precious than gold!    
In December, during our last visit to the Cape in South Africa we experienced the water rationing. There were large signs everywhere.

South Africa Cape Town Water Crisis

Residents filling containers

At that time, our dear friends who live in Durbanville were allowed a max of 87 liters a day, that’s 23 gallons a day. And that’s for use in cooking, drinking, washing, bathing, flushing – recycled water from baths was used to water the plants and trees. We were warned ahead of our travels there and stocked our luggage with cartons of wet ones wipes. It’s no joke.  “Day Zero” is around the corner. Continue reading